Video Goes Viral With Postcard Underground

It’s not often that we get mail at One School Street, the office building in Woods Hole that we share with John Todd Ecological Design. But soon after releasing a video highlighting JTED’s fabulous work cleaning up oil pollution in the Blackstone River Valley, a steady stream of postcards began to arrive.

In this age of viral videos and here-today-gone-tomorrow Internet trends, it was truly gratifying to hear that people from all over the country had seen our video. Not only that, they were moved enough to write a postcard, look up JTED’s address, and put a stamp on it. All thanks to the somewhat mysterious, but always appreciated group, Postcard Underground.

“Just a note of appreciation for your good works on behalf of our beleaguered planet,” wrote Nina in Minneapolis.


“Getting a look at The Eco-Machine, the Restorer, etc. gives me hope for the 21st century,” wrote grateful viewer from Saint Paul. “It’s the only way I can get up every day.”


“Our waterways are so precious, and it’s encouraging that 90% of the oil is being removed/cleared out through such natural, cost-effective and innovative processes. LOVE The Grafton Project,” wrote Jane.

While we certainly can’t take credit for the nature-based, holistic systems designed by Dr. John Todd, we’re very happy to have contributed to getting the word out about JTED’s innovative projects. If you haven’t yet seen the video, please check it out below, and take a minute to learn more about ecological design at JTED’s website. We look forward to your postcards too!