We like to have many irons in the fire, but that means some projects get placed on the back-burner. Here are a couple in-production projects in need of funding!


Nature Calls


NATURE CALLS is a proposed feature-length documentary about the first community in the United States to consider using eco-toilets to clean up its polluted waterways.

Centered around Cape Cod’s wastewater pollution crisis, the documentary challenges viewers to consider the impacts of something we all do multiple times a day— use the toilet— and whether we’re willing to change our most ingrained habits in order to protect the environment.

Through the microcosm of a small town on Cape Cod, NATURE CALLS explores the relationship between human nature and the call to nature, asking: what is our individual responsibility for the waste we create? Do we need to fundamentally change our closeted view of bodily functions, or is it enough to pay for technologies that permit the status quo? If so, how do we reconcile the downstream consequences of this “out of sight, out of mind” approach?

Covering the ecological, economic and psycho-social aspects of “waste” in our lives, the documentary offers insight into the connections between water, energy and food— and how cultural shifts are made, one flush at a time.


A Stolen Revolution


In the final days of 1989, Romanians overthrew the communist dictatorship in a bloody revolution. For the first time, Romanians had a chance to shape their own destiny. But what would that destiny become, as the Cold War ended and a new era began?

Filmed in cinema verité style, shot in HD video with archival footage from the communist period, this proposed documentary examines the impacts of the fast train to globalization in Romania.

A STOLEN REVOLUTION is timed for release during the 25th anniversary of the revolution that brought about the end of communism in Romania. Thanks to Northern Light Productions of Boston for generously donating the equipment we needed to make this trailer!