These days, musicians are recording, promoting and booking themselves— but they can’t do any of that without a decent webpage and promotional materials. UnderCurrent Productions is proud to work with the talented members of Brother’s Rye, a four-piece Americana/bluegrass band that started making a splash on the New England bluegrass scene in 2013.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 12.24.03 PMUCP producer/writer Elise Hugus handles the web design and content. Using Soundcheck, a WordPress template designed for musicians, the website remained within the band’s budget. The simplified page design allows the band to blog and add their own show dates when they’re off-stage.

These days, it’s not enough just to be a musician. Not only do bands need a website to be credible, they need print-quality images, promotional materials and at least one video. To that end, Elise compiled an EPK that reflects the Brother’s Rye’s laid-back style while projecting a professional image to venues and concert promoters. She continues to work with Brother’s Rye to promote the band’s EP, The Down Low. 

UCP photographer/videographer Daniel Cojanu chose a black and white motif for the band’s first video single, “Start It Up Again.” Black and white stills from the recording studio contrast nicely with color images from live performances, giving the home page an attractive, inviting quality.