Picturing MBL for University of Chicago

Picturing MBL for University of Chicago

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For the past year, the big buzz in Woods Hole is the Marine Biological Laboratory’s new affiliation with the University of Chicago. No one really knows what the partnership entails. Will it be like MBL’s relationship with Brown and (formerly) Boston University? Or will the prestigious marine science labs become something of a satellite of a distant planet in another univers(ity)?

From what we can tell, things are proceeding slowly, organically. On a personal level, we welcome any new faces in Woods Hole, which really empties out after 5 PM these days!

To help bridge the gap between Chicago and Woods Hole, UChicago approached Daniel to capture the essence of Woods Hole for its website and magazine. From the high-tech labs and charm of MBL’s campus to Woods Hole’s breathtaking marine scenery, the photos scream “biologist’s paradise.” He also shot portraits of UChicago’s summer students with their MBL advisors, as well as Nobel Prize-winning Shinya Inoué and Marko Horb’s frog lab.

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