Props From!

Props From!

It’s not always easy to be a filmmaker on Cape Cod. Or in New England, for that matter. It’s not exactly an industry in this area. It’s not like you have a Rolodex full of crew you can call on, or very likely to bump into collaborators at the bar. (Although James Cameron has been known to visit Woods Hole from time to time!)

While some very worthy films come out of the area, they’re seldom happening nearby.

But thanks to New England Film, a magazine/classifieds website with an invite-only online film festival, the region’s filmmaking community becomes smaller, and closer.

We’re very grateful to the hard work that Michele Meek and her staff puts into the site, especially this week! Not only did Elise Hugus get a nice write-up as part of the site’s Females in Film series, our short doc THE WATERSHED received the festival’s Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary!

Thanks to everyone who watched THE WATERSHED and sent such positive feedback. That’s how we won, and that’s the most meaningful recognition we could ask for. We’re awaiting word from a number of other festivals, so please stay tuned!