Flying on Water with the Red Bull Foiling Generation World Finals

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We had a super exciting weekend covering the Red Bull Foiling Generation finals in Newport, Rhode Island this weekend! With two gimbal-stabilized Sony F-55s on the water and our trusty FS-7 on land, we got full coverage of the event from land and sea. (There were also 150 GoPros mounted on the boats and on drones just in case we missed something!)

True to its reputation, the wind in Newport was so intense that the final day of the race was actually canceled (the winners were the top qualifiers from the semi-finals). If you think 40 mph gusts are a lot to handle, try it from a hydrofoil, which moves at 3 times the wind speed!

It was really fun working with the Red Bull team, which handled incredible amounts of media to put together a range of videos in record time, including media interviews we did with participants in their own language. We’re so impressed with these young sailors from around the world, and will look out for them as they make it to the America’s Cup and beyond!