Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

Five Ways to Leave Your Lover

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It was just sex. Or was it more?

Director of photography Daniel Cojanu was in New York this weekend, filming an “episode” of  director Lukas Huffman’s upcoming film, Five Ways to Leave Your Lover.

Shot on 16 mm on location in Chinatown, the crew braved the cold and a 5 AM crew call to bring the story of two gay men struggling with trust & intimacy to life.

Five Ways to Leave Your Lover is a collection of five shorts, each featuring a different age couple from a different culture with a different romantic problem. Reaching across the generational and cultural divide, the film captures a diversity of ways people arrive at one emotionally charged moment.

With three out of five episodes (shot in New York and Romania) under wraps, stay tuned for the next “ways to leave your lover,” filmed in Italy and Japan!