Dayboat Photography for MBL’s Catalyst Magazine

Dayboat Photography for MBL’s Catalyst Magazine

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cat.winter.14sm Specimen collectors— the unsung heroes of marine science— finally get their due with a cover story in the Marine Biological Laboratory’s Catalyst magazine (January 2014)!

The story profiles the MBL’s Marine Resources Center, which uses its collecting vessel, Gemma, to gather local marine species for MBL (and other) scientists. With photographs shot by Daniel Cojanu, readers get a vivid picture of what it takes to gather live squid, sea urchins and other creatures found off the Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard coast. While they might be common sights to local eyes, these specimens have proved to be essential for biological discovery.

Not only was it a fun day out on the boat with Gemma Captain Billy Klimm, Daniel captured the essence of Woods Hole science, which hasn’t changed too much in the MBL’s proud 125 years of existence.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Catalyst from the MBL’s Lillie Auditorium — or view the PDF version!