Cape Cod Ark Article Nominated for an Eddy!

Cape Cod Ark Article Nominated for an Eddy!

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We’re having one of those rare weeks when the stars must be aligned (or fingers have begun to thaw) and good news comes through the interwebs like a spring tide.

An article Elise wrote for Edible Cape Cod has been selected as a finalist for a 2015 Eddy Award. Picked from among 1200 entries from the Edible community, this story profiles the people behind the Cape Cod Ark, a solar hot water greenhouse that makes it possible to grow food (and stay warm!) year-round.
We think this is an amazing, local example of how ecological design can help people break free from the fossil fuel economy! Not to mention, eat more healthfully and bask glory of humid warmth, plant-infused air, and all the microorganisms that make plants thrive.
Since this is a crowd-sourced competition, you can help Elise win by voting in the Best Story/Environment & Sustainability category!

Here’s the direct link to read and vote:

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