Alvin Video Series in the Works

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We’re honored to be working with the Alvin group at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to let the next generation of scientists know about the human-occupied submersible through video.

Daniel filming a telepresence discussion between scientists on ship and shore at URI’s Inner Space Center.

The 10-part series revolves around breathtaking underwater imagery from the sub’s explorations, rounded out with interviews with Alvin engineers and young researchers on the possibilities the sub unlocks for scientific exploration. Production this summer took place on the research vessel Atlantis, dockside at WHOI, and at the Inner Space Center at the University of Rhode Island (kind of like NASA for underwater vehicles).

We’ve commissioned a local 3D animator, Mike Schanbacher, to create a bumper for the beginning of each video. Not only does this bumper brand the series, it also shows what’s so special about Alvin – in just 15 seconds!

Elise emerging from the Alvin sphere.

We’re also bumping up our technology game, venturing into the Alvin sphere and on the Atlantis deck with our new Virtual Reality rig.

While not everyone who watches this video/series will be able to book Alvin, it’s sure that the fascinating imagery and inspiring stories will bring them closer to the ocean, and why it’s so vital to learn more about it. As we’ve heard from a number of Alvin-affiliated pilots and researchers, all it took was a spark of their imagination though a book or National Geographic story to get them where they are today.

Stay tuned for the series launch in the late fall!